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This site invites you to discover my work in a non-linear way. As you make your way through the content the left-hand side of the page will construct a network of your journey. The network remains and grows throughout, offering new avenues to explore based on your previous selection. You may return to material via the network but you will essentially return to that point in the journey as any progress since will be forgotten by the algorithm. Where informative, certain routes will direct to work technically outside the PhD submission: this is indicated, and may open a new tab so you do not lose sight of your route. The nodes provide summaries of work as well as PDFs of individual chapters or scores and recordings. Once fully explored you will be presented with the complete dissertation and portfolio of compositions.

Click on the title of the PhD and a choice between text and music will emerge...



August 2023

P.S. In case of technical issues you can access the complete network here: reveal all routes27.ix.23

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