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FP4+, King's Parade, King's College, Mist
Tri-X, King's College, Shire horses, King's Chapel
Pancro 400, Sheep, Golden hour, Guédelon Castle
Fish, Cambridge market, Portra 400
It's coming home, England
Agfa Vista 200, Cambridge market, Coffee stall
Florence, Duomo, Tri-X
Bologna, Farmacia, 35mm, Kodak Gold
Window, Frame, Tri-X, 35mm
Little Petra, Recycling, FP4+
Portree, Isle of Skye, Tri-X, Mist
Citadel, France, Kodak Gold
Portra 160
Glenfinnan Viaduct, The Jacobite, Portra 400
Cambridge market, Fruit stall
Cycling, Rain, Regent Street, Pancro 400
Tri-X, Mannequins
Boy, Balloon, King's College, Red Balloon, Pro 400H
Ely Cathedral, Tri-X
Light, Shadow, King's Cambridge, Portra 400
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