I’m a composer based in Cambridge, UK, where I’m also writing a PhD. Here I also supervise undergraduates, and on Saturdays I teach in London at the Royal Academy of Music, junior department.


My compositions reassess various social dynamics of performance, staging dialogues between old traditions and new, invented traditions. 

       Broadly speaking, my research sits in contemporary aesthetics and analysis. In particular, I’m interested in the relationship between expression and conceptions of order, especially those instances in which art challenges accepted traditions. This is also the subject of my PhD, Out of Order, which takes as examples the music of Messiaen, Beethoven, and Monteverdi, before turning to Berio as an example of a composer grappling with the fragmented identity of New Music, and what it means to compose in a globalised world.

Outside of music I have an interest in eighteenth-century visual culture, where I write mostly about Hogarth. I also work with analogue photography; I publish scans of my work fairly regularly here.



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