Welcome to my website: it is intended for you. And it is intended for me to make my work more accessible, and to manage access to such information as it becomes increasingly difficult to do so.

Your time and electricity I take up graciously since I offer in return only markings and noises.

This is a simple website with essentially four features. Here you can:

  • read my blog posts.

  • explore my work. Access is provided to recordings, scores, and papers.

  • read about me.

  • contact me.

Above all I hope this website serves to uncover a small bit of the complex relationship that exists between music and your engaging with it. Notwithstanding, in the event that you have an irresistible commission to offer me this would be a fine place to initiate a conversation.

'Ainsi, lecteur, je suis moi-même la matière de mon livre:

ce n'est pas raison que tu emploies ton loisir

en un sujet si frivole et si vain.

Adieu donc, de Montaigne,

ce premier de mars

mil cinq cent quatre vingts.'

'So, reader, I am myself the subject of my website:

there is no reason that you waste your leisure

on a subject so frivolous and so vain. 

Farewell then, from Stephane, 

this eighteenth day of August

two thousand and nineteen.'